Hot Wheels - 85 Honda City Turbo II, varianta karty: NOVÉ - card variant: NEW

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Hot Wheels

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1:64 scale collectible car series by Matel - Hot Wheels (HW) More

1:64 scale car collector series from Matel - Hot Wheels ( HW ). HW Race Day Edition 5/10 variant explanation :- new - card has no significant damage and no label on the back.- from collection - card has no significant damage, but has a label from the store where it was purchased by the original owner, from whom the model was now bought to us on the e-shop.- damaged packaging - the card shows signs of damage, it may be minor damage, such as a broken top, but even for significant damage to the card such as a broken card... However, the model in the blister is never damaged. These models are more suitable for unpacking.
card variant NEW