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A stylish accessory for every car lover! More

The key ring is made of a light metal material that resembles a stylish aluminum disc for a car.

The aluminum disc is in the color of a silver shade, which gives a feeling of elegance and modernity. A design is incorporated on the surface that creates the illusion of small holes, as if it were a real aluminum disc. The dimensions of the pendant are the perfect size so that it fits on the key ring and is not uncomfortable to wear.

The pendant is strong and durable enough to withstand normal use and withstand minor drops. All in all, the key fob modeled after a stylish aluminum car disc is a modern and stylish accessory for every car owner. It feels good in the hand and is easy to attach to the keys, giving the keys a distinctive look.

(the photo of the other key chains is only for comparison with other key chains of the same style).