Brake disc with caliper - keychain

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A stylish accessory for every car lover! More

The key fob is inspired by the brake disc with caliper used in automobiles.

It is made of high-quality material that resembles the steel surface of a brake disc. Its surface is painted in a dark gray shade to resemble the steel surface of the brake disc as much as possible. The design of the brake caliper is detailed on the surface of the pendant, which gives the pendant an authentic look. The design of the yoke is precisely executed and creates the illusion of a real yoke on the surface of the pendant.

The dimensions of the pendant are compact enough to easily fit on a key ring and not be uncomfortable to wear. The pendant is made of durable material that can withstand normal use and minor falls. Overall, the Caliper Brake Disc Key Chain is a modern and original accessory for any car enthusiast. It gives the keys an interesting and distinctive look, at the same time it feels good in the hand and is easy to attach to the keys.

(the photo of the other key chains is only for comparison with other key chains of the same style).