You can buy models on our e-shop

in three different variants, as new, purchased from private collections ("used goods") and, lastly, the damaged packaging...

variant no. 1 - NEW

- this variant is intended for a new and almost flawless condition of the card and the transparent blister

(there may be manufacturing defects such as a different shade of print,

poorly applied lamination after printing or slightly bent corners of the card - is most noticeable after a thorough examination, unfortunately they tend to be slightly bent from the production machine).

variant no. 2 - FROM THE COLLECTION

- variant of cards/covers/blisters from the collection means that the cards have a collector's patina, they may appear on the cards

price tags with the original price (on the back of the price we paste a carshopping sticker,

on the front we leave them alone so as not to break the card and cover more graphics.

Furthermore, the cards may be slightly "scratched", but they are never damaged by folding or breaking.

option no. 3 - DAMAGED PACKAGING

- this variant applies to models that have seriously damaged packaging and are not ideal for collection, but rather for unpacking.

- however, the car model is never damaged, it is always in 100% condition.

Thank you for shopping with us!

We wish you a nice day :-)